Hardcopy Essentials for Afterschool Programmes

By Mihi Church

The smooth daily operation of before and afterschool care programmes requires a few hardcopy essentials. But gathering and getting this information out to your sites the traditional way, can be stressful! Enrolmy Software can make it less time consuming for onsite staff to prepare hardcopies that have accurate and up-to-date customer information.

Sign in and out attendance sheets

Printing off daily or weekly attendance sheets can be done with the click of a button!

Afterschool Care Printing Essentials Software

With attendee names and the intended booked session already detailed, all the hard-work is already done!

Afterschool Care Printing Essentials Software


Enrolment Forms

Having comprehensive hardcopy enrolment forms for your onsite staff, is as easy as selecting the student names and hitting PRINT.

Afterschool Care Printing Essentials Software


Health and Safety Information

And printing a more consolidated copy of the children's health and safety information; like allergies, emergency contact details and notes from parents or other staff is just as simple.

Afterschool Care Printing Essentials Software


All customer data, booking information and financial statements are exportable from Enrolmy too! Making all forms of essential data available to you in a hardcopy format. Find out more about how Enrolmy's tools can streamline your afterschool care management here.


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