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By Mihi Church

Auckland Rugby League is a well-known sporting organisation throughout the Northern Regions of New Zealand. Most locals will be somewhat acquainted with atleast one of the 31 clubs across the Auckland Region. ARL clubs are an integral part of every community they're involved in through the seasonal competitions and tournaments they host. They provide children, teens, adults, families and groups the opportunity to get amongst sports camps, after school league clinics, holiday programmes, training for coaches and player development sessions.

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Auckland Rugby League share how their focus on community involvement has hand in hand, seen the game they love, grow!

What are some of the ways that ARL have been furthering their involvement in the community?

ARL: Over the last few seasons, HQ have been running popular holiday programmes and a fairly new after school clinic. Ultimately we want to link the school kids in the community with their local club and make it easier for them to join. We are working on ways to develop our club coaches so that they can run these. By fostering this relationship between the club and families; kids who love their short term experience with us would be directly connected to a coach who is involved in their age-level league at their local club. Coaches can then encourage families to sign up and continue their experience through a social or competitive season of league.

Our new programmes are about
serving the kids and the community
and giving them opportunities.
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So how do you currently reach out into the community?

We love using social networking to connect with our current members and also those who may not be aware of us yet! We aim to respond to messages promptly and personally, although all the clubs run their pages and events separately. We believe that the authenticity of this connection creates trust allows us to further invest into these relationships.

Positive feedback from our existing families has been overwhelming! We've seen several newcomers in our programmes because of their connection with club members. The response from our amazing League families with the holiday programme has been huge!

What are some of the challenges involved with wanting to engage with the community further?

ARL: Well we need to develop our coaches more to enable them to look after these new programmes. We're seeking out resources that train up leadership and people skills for coaching modules to do this.

We're also investing more time into our relationships schools and principals. It's been difficult in the past to connect with tertiary schools because the school terms are already stacked with other sporting commitments and partnerships. Although we 100% encourage all kinds of activities that promotes an active lifestyle. But we're hoping that our developments are a way to strategically get our message across and encourage rugby league in our schools too.

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So with lots of new stuff coming up, what are some of the core values that we can trust to see come through the new programmes?

ARL: Our club coaches are the biggest enforcers of the core values held within the Auckland Rugby League Community. Therefore coach development is our priority. We're concentrating on up-skilling coaches through building on our valuable, pragmatic training courses. Through the maturing of our development sessions for coaches, we can be confident that all our clubs and activities will be of high quality and also align with our overarching values.

If you had one message for rugby league players, what would it be?

Fun is our message! Auckland Rugby League developments are all made to make sure that players have FUN! From our grassroots to our premiere players and coaching sessions to the holiday programmes; if participants are having fun they'll continue to be involved.

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