Our Enrolmy CEO & How He Grew One Of The Largest Music Schools in New Zealand.

By Dean Pendergrast

Our awesome Enrolmy CEO: Dean Pendergrast, has had a wealth of experience in the childcare and activities industry. Prior to founding Enrolmy Software, he succesfully grew the well-known Music School; MusiqHub. Dean shares with us a few insights into his journey and some of the valuable lessons he's learnt along the way.

It was 9 year journey creating the fastest growing Music School in the southern hemisphere.

After a few years school teaching, I needed a new challenge and started teaching guitar. Soon I had nearly 15% of the school in lessons, so I arrived home one day and proudly told my wife who was pregnant with our first child, that I was quitting my secure teaching job to start teaching guitar. Possibly more discussion should have been held prior but I then started a 9 year journey creating the fastest growing Music School in the southern hemisphere; MusiqHub.

Three Valuable Lessons I Learnt.

1. It’s all about the kids.

If we wanted the best lessons for kids, we needed the best teachers. If we wanted the best teachers, we needed the best structures to support them. Both in terms of systems and finance.

My focus grew towards building a great system to help our music teachers avoid clunky admin tasks. This way they could put more time into creative lesson planning and child engagement. Everything we did was weighed against the child experience.

2. Not everyone has to be me!

Often in growing your business you feel the need to replicate yourself in your staff. You’ve heard it said, “If only there was two of me!” And it’s a thought I had early on. I automatically expected everyone to be like me. When I promoted music lessons in assemblies I brought my extroverted self, making it loud and fun. But one of the first tutors I brought on was the opposite. He was quiet, softly spoken and somewhat reserved. Yet he turned out to be one of the most successful teachers and quickly grew his teaching well beyond what I had achieved. He was genuine in his own way and the students responded.


3. Nothing beats experience.

First you need to get it. And to do that we all have to start somewhere. When I began MusiqHub I knew a lot about teaching, but had much to learn in the area of business. I quickly realised that our systems, processes and culture, were the keys. I then focussed a lot of energy into creating that. We invested heavily into software development to streamline processes, and I personally put a lot of focus on learning how to build great culture.

Why I Created

I created Enrolmy after being shoulder tapped by other providers who were itching to improve their systems too. I had the unique opportunity to simplify my own admin at MusiqHub via 7 years of software development.

I now have the privilege of sharing that software to simplify the lives of other activity providers. It’s rewarding to see people have more time for kids and less time for admin.

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