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By Mihi Church

Enrolmy have designed a software specifically in mind of before and after school care providers. New Zealand operators are switching to Enrolmy for its all-encompassing administration tools, easy-to-understand back-end and parent-friendly booking processes. Here are some of the great features that operators and owners LOVE about using Enrolmy to manage their business.

Simple Programme Management

Enrolmy has developed ONE space (that is accessible from anywhere) for creating, monitoring and tracking past, current and future activities. It saves time and money by moving away from bulky paper systems or spreadsheets. Our software minimizes security anxieties by migrating to the cloud and having important info and data behind a secure login. Staff and admin may be granted access to easily view and edit attendees, payment status, and add attendees to the activity; as well as print hard-copies of important information or export data back out to CSV or PDF if needed. Managers can choose from a wide range of booking categories that include lessons, classes, camps, holiday programmes, before and after school care programmes, team sports, club subscriptions, one day events, and free events.

MSD Compliant & OSCAR Ready

We know that having emergency contacts and health information immediately at hand is critical for the day to day running of BASC programmes. We have ensured that the collection of this information is as seamless as possible. Our on-site apps and hardcopy printed options, mean that vital information is available when you need it. We also know that working out the OSCAR Subsidy for each child can be a chore - Enrolmy deals with the hassle for you. Easily reconcile attendance at the end of each day or week so you know exactly how many hours a child has attended. Set the subsidy rates for each child and apply the subsidy direct to your invoices if you wish.

Stress-free Online Bookings

Enrolmy software providers a streamlined booking process that makes it quick and easy for parents to book into your programme. It's extremely flexible, giving you the ability to run activities and manage bookings in a way that suits you. You can choose to invoice in arrears or advance, at weekly intervals that work for you. Our recurring booking calendar lets your regular customers create a repeat booking, while our casual booking calendar handles any ad-hoc bookings. You can create customised enrolment forms and set limits for the number of attendees per session. If places become unavailable, you can choose for children to be automatically placed on a waiting list.

Before And After School

Complete Accounting Solution

Enrolmy software provides the answer to managing your accounts in one place. Create invoices, reconcile payments, handle refunds, and filter by who has and who hasn't paid. Export information as PDF documents or to CSV. Customise and manage your organisations discounts, such as Earlybird discounts. The accounts person is also able to send multiple invoices or statements by generating these in a matter of clicks. You can bulk email these to all your parents in one go. The invoices themselves are crystal clear and highly detailed. They even include a booking calendar so it's obvious what sessions have been booked and when. If a booking changes, but the parent has already been invoiced, our "pending adjustments" system make it easy to track the changes. With one click, you can create an invoice (or credit note) with details of the booking change.

- Full Sync With Xero

Enrolmy integrates fully with Xero's accounting software to make your organisation's finance management even smoother. Fees, subscriptions and other transactions map seamlessly to your existing account and tracking codes.

Manage Your Online Presence

Every Enrolmy customer gets their own beautiful "mini-site" with a custom URL. This lets parents find and book your activities with ease. Great for businesses of any size. Choose to list your activities on our searchable directory to entice new customers, or choose to keep your "mini-site" hidden and accessible to existing customers only. You can also maintain your existing online presence, by embedding Enrolmy activity listings on your own website with our drop-in widget. Parents can create and modify their own bookings, saving you time and hassle. You'll receive clear communications about each booking change through the online parent portal. The marketplace we provide is built with your customers in mind, and we know that they want a quick and simple process. Parents don't need to scroll through lots of information before they get to the booking page, so it is straightforward for them to book their children into activities and for you to get paid faster.

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