Greenhithe School's Sport Coordinator and her experience with Enrolmy.

By Mihi Church

In 2017 we partnered with Greenhithe School in Auckland, New Zealand. We worked closely with Greenhithe School's amazing Sports Coordinator; Sharon Hilton-Jones and wanted to share a bit about her passion for sport, her role at school and how Enrolmy has been a valuable asset for the sporting department at Greenhithe School.

Greenhithe School Sports Coordindator.

Sharon Hilton Jones.

I am a trained Primary School teacher and have worked mainly in a part time role for a number of years. I was approached by the Principal of our school four years ago. He asked if I would be interested in doing less contact time with the children and take on the Sports Coordinator role. Of course I said yes.

Sport is my passion.
Green the School Sharon

So now I'm here, administering sport two days a week, among my many other tasks. The role has grown dramatically over the years as we've offered kids a larger variety of activities to get involved in through school. I manage the registering and sorting of teams, look after our sports captains and school houses, coach Netball and Rippa teams myself, and keep watch over our sporting resources.

We asked Sharon what was the one thing that she loves about what she does.

I love seeing kids having a go at a sport - it doesn't matter whether or not they are 'the best' at it, I just love seeing them give it a go. I have always tried to be really encouraging of children getting actively involved with an activity.

It gives me so much joy seeing kids running around, whether it be on a netball court, rugby field or hockey pitch!
Greenhi the School

So where did Enrolmy For Schools fit in?

Enrolmy has made my work load so much lighter. With a school roll of 550+ kids, I sometimes found that I was consumed with paper work, chasing fees, sorting out teams and creating lists etc. But now, I pop up a new activity on Enrolmy, sit back and can trust that parents have the information they need to register and pay for their child's activities.

The best feature for me is having the fees for the various sports been paid up front and I no longer have to 'chase' parents to pay.

This not only took a lot of time emailing parents but because I have good relationships with my parents, I never felt comfortable asking them to pay their fees immediately.

So do you feel that Enrolmy has brought value to what you do, your parents and your students?

The feedback that I have received from our community is that overall, our parents love Enrolmy. They don't have to find registration forms at the bottom of their children's bags, they don't need to come in to the school office and pay for the various sports, and once they have used Enrolmy for the first time, all of their details are retained.

Greenhithe School

We even have a parent who has used the software on as an administrator and parent. She runs touch rugby has found it very helpful, in particular, sorting registrations into teams and then being able to email parents directly from the Enrolmy site.I think it would be great if at some point we could have our school fees/donations paid through Enrolmy too!

Enrolmy for Schools

Take a look at how amazing Greenhithe School is below!

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