Enrolmy Stories (Ep.1) : BOYD Basketball Academy

By Mihi Church

Adrian Boyd, founder of Beginners of Youth Development (BOYD) Basketball Academy runs an exciting and elite basketball programme for school teams and individuals. We work with BOYD to help make the managing of their activities a breeze and in doing so, allowing them to do their thing! Take a look at the story of BOYD Basketball Academy and CEO: Adrian Boyd, below.

Take a look at the story of BOYD Basketball Academy and CEO: Adrian Boyd, below.

The Vision

The objective that drives BOYD Basketball Academy is to develop the best in each student athlete so that their dreams become a reality. This stems from Adrian's passion in empowering youth and helping young people understand the importance of working hard to pursue what they love.

The Programme

In each session as a BOYD Baller; student athlete's learn about the importance of sportsmanship and team play. Through station work, coaches will focus on teaching skills like ball handling, passing, shooting and defense. BOYD Ballers will then have the opportunity to apply these lessons in game play, where they will be grouped by age and ability.

The Lesson

We were lucky enough to tag along and check out one of BOYD Basketball Academy's lessons, which is just one of many. The organisation provides large group workshops in school settings, smaller team classes, coaching workshops and trainings, one-on-one private sessions, holiday camps and intensives and offers competitive pathways for players to compete in their local basketball league. To check out and register your child into any BOYD Basketball Academy's session, then take a look here.

The Opportunity

Adrian himself has had a long and successful career in basketball. He grew up in America and played competitive college basketball. He then progressed through professional levels and travelled the world playing the game that he loved. His history with basketball has enabled him to provide greater insights for his students, making them aware of, and opening them up to different pathways and opportunities available to them. BOYD Basketball teams are able to travel and compete in overseas leagues. Students are even offered scholarships to play college basketball in The States.

The Future

BOYD Basketball Academy intends to keep influencing young people and developing their passion and skills in basketball. In the future they look to partner with more schools, basketball institutions and scholarship/ funding organisations. Here at Enrolmy we look forward to helping BOYD Basketball Do Their Thing!

How Enrolmy Software Has Helped BOYD Basketball Academy

Adrian BOYD : "I'm a basketball coach, of course I have a business degree but I didn't have a lot of time to sit and do admin' or paperwork. I just wanted to grab my whistle, grab my basketball, get to the gym and do what I was born to do!"

We thrive on the fact that Enrolmy Software helps providers get back to doing what they love doing!

Adrian BOYD : "Being able to use the credit card features helped us out tremendously, now I don't have to sit back and say, "What's your bank account number, have you put your money through yet?" Enrolmy will let you know when invoices have been paid and that the money's already in the account. Lovely!

Here at Enrolmy we use third party companies, Stripe and Flo 2 Cash, to securely enable providers to receive credit card payments from their parents. We wanted to offer this ability to Enrolmy Providers, so that they would no longer need to chase money from parents and have a more reasonably steady cash flow. For parents it also means that they can pay for their child's activity upfront and at the time of registration. Check out our blog that entails further research and insights into why activity providers should allow parents to pay by credit card.

If you're a childcare or activity provider and interested in hearing more about how we could help you do your thing, then book a time to chat with one of our team below!

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