Infographic on Old School Business Processes versus Enrolmy Processes

Enrolmy Software helps childcare and activity providers; like Jerry the Gym Owner below, manage their activities with simplicity and ease. Gemma the Old School Holiday Programme Provider, uses multiple systems to administrate her activity. Things like spreadsheets, accounting software, paper enrolment forms, numerous communication channels, and the list goes on. This takes up so much of Gemma's time, her parent's time and doesn't actually do her business any favours. Check out the difference between Gemma's Old School Processes versus Jerry's Business Processes below.


If you relate with Gemma and would like to chat with us on how you could make the switch from Old School Processes to becoming an Enrolmy Provider... Then head through this link here to chat with us about what you do and what you would like to see change.

We've drawn the information above from parents and childcare providers from all around New Zealand. We gathered and collated the data above through numerous surveys, questionnaires, user experience trials, feedback forms & review platforms. All data is current, as of 2018.

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