School Office Managers: National Enrolmy Survey Results.

By Keryn Christiansen

School office managers around New Zealand, responded to Enrolmy's national survey. Administration teams answered a variety of questions relating to their role and working environment. Here at Enrolmy, we work with numerous office administrators (check out Jan's story with Enrolmy here) but wanted to gain a deeper understanding around their intensely, multifaceted role. We sought to find out the greatest challenges that office administrators face, find their self-proclaimed solutions to these pain points, seek out who interplays with the nuances in their working environment and most importantly - what office managers love about their job!

Some of our understandings before the survey.

The conducting of our nationwide survey was based on a few of our own assumptions about an office managers role. Here are a few of them.

  1. There are so many players involved in their game - it causes chaos!
    Office administrators deal with teachers, the school's board of trustees, accountants, students, the parent community, local businesses and external educational entities. With so many players on their court. Getting even just one task done, some days seems too far off to comprehend. We believe that there are certain entities that could make the day to day work life of an office manager - alot easier. We asked office managers if this was true and what it is exactly that could be done to help them out.
  2. They are the face of their school -sometimes that's a hard face to upkeep.
    Even though their job can often be somewhat chaotic, they hold it all together with a smile. So we wanted to find out what school management systems are helping them organise their administration and accounting tasks.
  3. They're an all-in-one package.
    It can be a tough job to handle as they deal with insurmountable and various demands. Managing accounts, dealing with parent, teacher and student inquiries and correspondance, handling money, being up to date with school information and events. So we wanted to find out what kinds of tasks take up majority of their day.

Fill out the following details below to gain access to our findings and quotes from office managers about why they love their job!

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