Need Help Processing OSCAR Subsidies?

By Mihi Church

Working with hundreds of childcare business's in New Zealand, we understand the complex administration processes that come into play when managing OSCAR Subsidies.

Why You Subsidise Your Programmes...

We know that making programmes affordable for families is a core value for many of our childcare providers.

There is a huge need for subsidised Before and Afterschool Care in New Zealand. Many Kiwi families need WINZ subsidies to afford weekly childcare, in fact 'The Ministry of Social Development' reported that $198,590,000 in OSCAR Subsidies were paid out, from 2016-17, to support them. These families are spread right throughout New Zealand, but communities that require more funding are indirectly identified through the The Ministry of Education's funding relationship with schools. School's decile rating's reflect the household income, occupation and household crowding of the surrounding community,  and their ability to afford financially unassisted childcare. The Ministry also report that 60% of schools in New Zealand are a decile 6 or lower school. Indicating that there are more than 50% of families throughout the country, that need affordable childcare options. Luckily for these families, about 84% of you (Before and Afterschool Care + Holiday Programme Providers) willingly and valiantly engage with WINZ to meet their needs. 


But It's Tough To Manage...

However, managing OSCAR Subsidies has proven to be a frustrating process for not just you, but many Before and Afterschool Care + Holiday Programme administrators around the country.

"Every week on Saturday, WINZ sends me our schedule of payments. But I don't know how this splits when it comes in. I need to make sure each child, and their parents invoice, is reconciled from the large sum according to the schedule. Who didn't get a subsidy? Who didn't do their form? I also need to track the families separately using a spreadsheet. Don't try to solve this problem. IT'S TOO HARD!"
- VW - Multi-site Before and Afterschool Care Owner

But as we already work with hundreds of businesses in this sector around other internal business processes, we wanted to develop the SOLUTION that will take the donkey work out of managing OSCAR subsidies, and inject the fun back into what you do!


Love What You Do Again, With This Solution

The NEW and simplified workflow involved with our OSCAR Management Software, simply looks like this..

  1. Upload your WINZ PDF Form to Enrolmy Software.
  2. See payment allocation suggestions for your people and programmes.
  3. Confirm the payment allocations or make changes if needed.
  4. See automatically calculated WINZ overpayments.
  5. And bulk generate your weeks worth of invoices with allocated subsidy amounts in a few clicks!

Enrolmy Software has been built in mind of your current cloud-accounting system too. This means that all invoicing and OSCAR reconciliation data is exportable by CSV. For Xero users we provide an integrated plug-in that can automate the reconciliation process even more magically.


And The Cherry On Top?

With Enrolmy you can gain clear visibility over your subsidy allocations for the whole term or programme length, or have the ability to view the weekly breakdown per child as well. And even better, all this data can be converted into clear reports for The Ministry of Social Development in a matter of clicks. Other helpful features that take the sweat out of dealing with OSCAR Subsidies include; seeing automatically calculated...

  • Booked in hours for each child
  • Attended hours for each child
  • Charged hours for each child
  • Arrears totals for each child
  • Regular totals for each child
  • Subsidy rates for the family
  • Capped OSCAR hours
  • Hours OSCAR will pay
  • Total OSCAR payment for the week
  • Difference (any OSCAR overpayment from WINZ)

See how Enrolmy can transform your frustrating OSCAR management process, into an easily managed and simply automated workflow.

Book a demo here to see how it can work for you!




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