Are you making the most of these five marketing tools?

By Leslie Gunnion

You’re probably already familiar with several marketing channels, but are you currently making the most of them? As the saying goes: “You can’t sell a secret.” 


Today, in the start of a new mini-series about marketing, we’re talking about five different channels that you can use to promote your awesome activities, classes and lessons, and holiday programmes. Plus, we share how Enrolmy can help you raise your profile even more in a busy marketplace. 

1) Your Website 

Your website is where you can showcase who you are, the services you offer, where you are located and how you can be contacted. That’s why a functioning, professional looking website is one of the most crucial marketing assets you can have.

Enrolmy’s mini-sites are designed specifically to display all the information parents want to know before booking. Think location, price, days and dates, ages and even what to bring. The best part is you can display the activities set up on Enrolmy on your own website too within an iFrame, which looks like this:


A well-thought out website with fresh, useful content on its own can generate organic traffic. You can also direct traffic to your website from advertising and other paid marketing.

2) Blogs  

Blogs allow you to build trust, educate potential customers and position yourself as a market leader. ‘How-to’ blog posts can be particularly useful in educating and driving traffic to your website, especially in the ‘classes and lessons’ industry. If you’re new to blogging this is definitely something you should read. 


3) Social Media

Social media is not just a place to socialise and connect with friends, it’s also a powerful business tool. Social media can increase traffic to your website, enable regular communication with prospects and customers, and, to a certain extent, can also improve your SEO or search engine ranking.

Your clients have come to expect that social media posts will include visuals — photos and videos do very well on this medium. You could perhaps showcase your company culture with images from inside your office/centre or share snippets of a class in action. Social media marketing is all about building relationships, so avoid posting to just sell, but focus instead on adding value and sharing something unique and interesting.  

If you find generating enough visual content is difficult, stock photos are a good substitute.  Plenty of free, high-quality photos are available online that you can use in your social posts (just make sure they are relevant, on brand, and not cheesy). It’s good form to credit the original photographer and this is easy to do in your captions. You could also make use of free designing tools like Canva, especially when it comes to maintaining a consistent brand style. 

Social media can give you a good return on investment – you don’t have to spend much to achieve results. You can set a budget and adjust that amount later if you need to.  

The good news is Enrolmy allows you to include your activities on your social posts too. You can even boost your ‘Enrolmy activities’ post to a relevant audience to drive more registrations and promote brand awareness. Read this to understand more about boosting posts on Facebook. 

4) CRM and Communication

A CRM (Customer Relationship Management) tool allows you to store information about your customers, communicate with them, and track activity. For example, activity providers can track bookings, payments and more. With Enrolmy, you can monitor which emails are being sent to customers and when. These emails can be: booking confirmations, and invoices or templates that you have set up in the system.

Focusing on customer communication is key to the long-term success of any business. In the early stages, effective, prompt communication ensures your product or service meets your customers’ immediate needs. Further down the track, regular communication with your customer base allows you to adapt and grow so you can continue to delight your clients.

Do not neglect high-quality, regular communication. Failing to communicate with your customers for extended periods can cause them to forget about you and turn to your competition instead.

Sending out email newsletters and promotional material is an easy, scalable way to communicate with your customers, and it doesn’t need to take up much of your time.    

5) Word of Mouth

Delighting your customers can make a massive difference to the reputation and success of your business as it often translates to repeat bookings and word of mouth referrals.  

By providing a great experience, your customers will be more inclined to leave reviews, testimonials and tell their friends about you. But don’t forget to ask them! Keep it really simple by emailing your customers with a link to where they can leave a review, via Google or Facebook, for example. Or sift through your existing emails and look for positive things customers have said about you, then ask their permission to use those comments so they don’t have to write anything new. It’s a good idea to include specific prompts that will spark a more detailed response, like: ‘Would you recommend us? If so, why?’

Use these reviews and testimonials on your website and social media pages. They build trust —it’s always reassuring to hear about a product from someone who’s tried it already — and they provide proof that you’re an expert and do what you say you do.  


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