Outdoor Activities & Holiday Programmes For Your Kids This Summer!

By Mihi Church

Here a few outdoor kids activity options for your 2018 and 2019 Summer school holidays !

Young Guns Skate School: Auckland

Book with Young Guns here.

Young Guns Skate School Holiday Programmes

Young Guns Skate School provide families epic professional skateboarding sessions! Kids are encouraged and supported in a safe environment where they can pick up basic skateboarding skills and learn exciting new tricks!

Surf Life Saving Northern Region, City Nippers: Auckland

Book with City Nippers here.

City Nippers Holiday Programmes

City Nippers is an fun and educational water based programme that builds children's confidence at the beach. Kids are involved in beach relays, wading, duck diving, body surfing, surf swimming and more. All whilst picking up important sun and surf safety information along the way.

Wellington SPCA: Animal Crew

Book with Wellington SPCA here.

Wellington SPCA Holiday Programe

Wellington SPCA offer kids hands-on fun with animals! Holiday programme attendees are immersed in exciting and educational Animal Crew events. Activities also teach kids how to train, care for and be responsibile of animals.

Everyone Out, Nature Programmes: Wellington

Book with Everyone Out here.

Everyone Out Holiday Programme

Everyone Out holiday programmes are fixed on re-introducing kids to the majestic outdoors! Attendees get involved in treasure hunts, navigate their way through beautiful gardens and enjoy their free play time outside.

Ignite Arts Academy, Dance Workshops: Waikato

Book with Ignite Arts Academy here.

Ignite Arts Academy Holiday Programmes

For five days, kids actively engage with a very broad range of types of dance and movement. Holiday programme attendees will have a blast while trying something new!

For information on more holiday programme providers and what is availble to your family... You can search here.

Happy holidaying!

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