Pool Health & Safety Regulations

By Mihi Church

Community Use:

Most schools allow the community to access their pool facility during the term holidays. First and foremost, it is the Board of Trustee's duty to ensure that users have health and safety information available on the premises. Next, it is normally the principal or caretaker that are liable if unfortunate events occur, due to a lack of this information. Fool-proof this process to keep your staff, school and pool-users safe.

Reasonable steps include:

  • A termly review of all safety signs in the pool area. The display of the pool rules must be clear and visible.
  • Pool guidelines on the school website.
  • Regulations and standards outlined in the school newsletters. Whether this is weekly, monthly or by term is dependant on you.
  • A slip outlining this information to be given with a pool key.
  • Pool key administrators should take the users through a tour of the pool area, pointing out rules, signage and talk through the regulations as well.

Education.govt detail specific management procedures that schools should take to care for their pool area. Other useful links provide the regulatory information that should be displayed on your school pool rules and fencing arrangements.

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