Preparing Staff For Medical Emergencies

By Cherise Pendergrast

As a programme provider you need to ensure your staff are confident and have the skills to manage medical and emergency situations. The bases to cover are highlighted below.

Parent/caregiver responsibility

  • Provide medical information at registration
  • Serious or ongoing conditions such as asthma, severe allergy or seizures should have a detailed action plan.
  • Medication should be clearly labelled with instructions and available for EVERY session.

Make it easy to identify who is at risk-

  • With parent permission, print off a photo of each child who has a serious medical condition. On the reverse side, provide information about the condition, caregiver contact details, medication information and action to take. Laminate these and attach to a ring clip. A staff member should have this in a bag with appropriate medication at all times. This proves vital in an emergency to find information and take action quickly.

  • Have enough supervision available for younger participants and activities that carry higher risk.

Brief staff

  • Inform staff which children have serious medical conditions.
  • Discuss situations where these children could be at risk and ways to manage it.
  • Update staff if information changes.

Holiday Programme Software

First aid kit- Staff need access to a first aid kit at all times. Complete regular stock-takes of the kit and replace items as soon as they are used.
There are various NZ organisations who can supply and advise on first aid kits.
In the kit, include clear information about the programme location if emergency services need to be contacted.

First aid certification- Are your staff up to date with current First Aid Certification? Organise a group course through a certified provider if needed.
Below are some New Zealand providers.

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