Principals Deserve Some Love

By Peter Marshall

You look after the infrastructure, the buildings, the grounds, the money. Hire staff in a variety of roles and then look after their professional development and personal needs. You interview, enrol and place students, trying to look at which courses and teachers would be the best fit for them. You look at the learning and health and welfare needs of all. You liaise with the ministry, with the students, parents and community. And then there is: Dealing with the day to day issues, your time management and just focusing on what is relevant.

Take a deep breath and believe in yourself.

I have more than 40 years of experience in education, and 28 of those years I spent as Principal of four different schools around New Zealand. I have attended many Principal meetings and conferences over the years. Listening to others speak and thinking about the role of the job can sometimes be overwhelming. Using available technology to help with complex tasks allows you to then focus on what is relevant. This is where Enrolmy can help by saving your office staff and sports coordinators valuable time. You lighten their load and it will lighten yours.

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School Sports Software that gives staff back their valuable time.

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School Sport Admin Enrolmy

A wise man says you are only as good as you are because of the tools you use and the actions of others.

Give Enrolmy a try, I am sure you will not regret it.

Peter Marshall

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