Pros And Cons Of Using Excel To Manage Your Business

By Mihi Church

As activity providers, it is vital that you have the appropriate systems in place to ensure the fluid management of your organization. Your job is extremely varied and the administration duties required to run your business can be very demanding. Chances are that you utilize Excel Spreadsheets to manage and track these tasks. Spreadsheets have a number of benefits and limitations. We share a few pros and cons concerned with Excel Spreadsheets, as well as offer another solution to alleviate your overwhelming work load.


1. It's affordable!
Microsoft Office include Excel. This platform means that you don't need to worry about monthly subscriptions. Also, Google Spreadsheets is free.

2. Basic skills required for use.
Basic data entry into Excel is simple, therefore minimal training is required. Spreadsheets are also recognized globally, this makes training tools easily accessible if further guidance is needed.

3. It integrates and cooperates with other systems.
This is key. A lot of accounting software or databases have exporting and importing functions that cooperate with Excel. This saves time by avoiding duplication of data entry.

** TIP: If Excel is the current system you use to capture child and parent information, you can use the 'remove duplicates' function to avoid double-ups. Click on data, then 'remove duplicates'**



1. Human error.
Hours of data entry mean that there are increased chances for human error, especially with large volumes of data. If you're singularly entering information, there’s a higher risk of mistakes being made.

2. Data entry is time consuming.
Firstly, time spent on administration duties grow as bookings increase. Spreadsheets also need to be manually updated, one-account-by-one, whereas alternative systems can log new information through other effortless options. Eg. The Salesforce Cloud can connect new data to old accounts through the click of the mouse.

3. Offline spreadsheets are no longer feasible on their own.
Having Excel spreadsheets off line actually lead to a heavier workload and disorganization of management files. The types of incoming data that you may receive will be in person, on paper or online. You need your spreadsheets to be accessible and on-the-go to keep this information correctly updated. Google Excel is an option, yet the formatting changes when downloaded as an Excel doc, altering the hours of work you've already done. Google spreadsheets also have limited tools and don't feature all the gizmos of the Microsoft version. You also want to have easy access to information for online duties such as invoicing or sending emails.

4. It’s not a database.
Simply, Excel is not a platform created for database use. The programme functions are an ineffective way to manage all of your important information, no matter how small or big your company may be.

Final Thoughts.

We understand that spreadsheets are, and will continue to be, a very popular option for administrators. It can be incredibly useful and easy to use for basic data entry. Yet when used as your management system, it can actually create more cumbersome and time consuming work. Your business probably misdirects its resources and time to this area. You do not have to re-invent the wheel, but do be aware that there are other solutions that can comfortably co-exist with and enhance your existing way of doing things.

Alternative Options. have developed a straightforward and effective online platform to adequately manage your information and alleviate your administration workload. You can easily handle your enrollment, booking and payment processes, saving you hours of frustrating work. Check out the link below for a free demonstration and more information.

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