Digital Tools to Develop Your Sport Coordinator's Role in 2019!

By Mihi Church

Schools are implementing new technologies to create efficiencies within many of their in-house systems. Processes like accounting softwares, online time sheets and mobile applicatoins are all introduced to ultimately enhance the life of all school stakeholders.

However... One role has been more or less, left untouched.

Epic digital advancements to develop a sport coordinator's role, have been left mostly untapped. In our journey with schools, we've come across sports coordinators who are managing up to thirty different sport codes and using excel spreadsheets to do so! Shouldn't there be another option out there? Texting and calling team managers, coaches, collecting enrolment forms, teaching (many sports coordinators are also teachers full-time), sorting teams, gathering or chasing up payments, managing communications with parents, sending data to regional or national sporting organisations, or even just getting lists passed around the staff room can be tedious and time consuming. There just hasn't been an all in one, end-to-end solution, to help develop efficiencies in a sports coordinators role.

Until now.

Enrolmy For Schools Software is a FREE solution for sports coordinators. Check out how Anika the Sport Coordinator, took the pressure off organising school sports!

The FREE Enrolmy For Schools Software has proven to enhance the role of a sports coordinator. Andrew from Sherwood School, Auckland, New Zealand shares his experience with Enrolmy below.

Enrolmy Schools Software Testimonial

With our knowledge and expertise, we believe that the Enrolmy For Schools package can service the daily administration for your sports coordinator. Not only that, but simplify their admin as well. See the benefits listed below.

  • The Enrolmy For Schools package is FREE to schools and also includes the opportunity to generate further funds.
  • We provide a School Sports Mini-site that can be embedded into the school website and your school mobile app. You can also utilise the social media handles and paste sports registration links into online newsletters and emails.
  • We provide user-friendly online registration forms. Simply switch on what questions to ask, add custom questions and store enrolment forms in the database. Simply email, print and export via CSV features to send this information away.
  • We provide online credit card payment options and automated invoicing capabilities. So you no longer need to chase up sports payments.
  • The Enrolmy For Providers Mobile App allows gives team coaches, managers and assigned staff on-the-go, acess to lists of their teams, emergency contact details and any health and safety information needed for students.
  • The Enrolmy Software works alongside school management and accounting systems. Your Enrolmy For Schools Specialist will work with your staff to create an easy integration plan.
  • And we have an amazing customer support team that helps with any questions which may arise in the future. Our extensive help documentation also gives you access to help 24/7.

We would love to be the epic digital advancement that you have been waiting for. Click here to book a free demonstration of the software!

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