The Mobile App For Sports Coordinators, Coaches and Managers!

By Mihi Church

Enrolmy Software have released an extremely user-friendly and FREE mobile application for sports coordinators, coaches and managers! Watch the 30 second video below to see how the application operates below.

  1. Prior to downloading the Enrolmy for Providers mobile application, sports staff should have given coaches and managers access to the team data. Coaches and managers will receive an email to create a password.

  2. Download the Enrolmy for Providers mobile application from the App or/and Play Store. (Available on Apple AND Android)

  3. Coaches and managers will see a list of the sports teams that they are involved with. Select the sport to see the list of students registered.

  4. By selecting the students name, the coach can view the parents contact details and even call, text or email that caregiver.

  5. Other features include a sign in/out option, for coaches who need to track attendance.

  6. Quick-view important information like a list of all the students with allergies, medical info, who is un/authorized to pick up the child/ren and photo permissions.

The mobile application for sports coordinators, coaching and managing staff is FREE to schools.

The team sorting application that comes with it has also proven to be a huge help for busy sports coordinators. If you would like to utilize the Enrolmy for Providers Mobile Application and Team Sorting Software. Then click here to book a demo with one of the Enrolmy staff today!

Enrolmy for providers mobile software

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