St Johns College Sports Director & His Take On Enrolmy Software

By Mihi Church

Ryan Overmayer is the passionate sports director at St. Johns College in Hamilton. Ryan and his staff utilize the Enrolmy For Schools package to help manage sports at St. Johns. We find out from Ryan what it looks like to manage sports at secondary schools and why he's so keen on giving back to the community.

StJohns Hamilton Sports Rugby

Hey Ryan, can you share with us what your day to day looks like at St. Johns College in Hamilton?

Ryan: Hey so in my role, I oversee the delivery of 30 different sports. There's a bit involved with managing the many teams associated with each sport and the resourcing required to achieve desirable outcomes for students, families, coaches, school staff and the external organisations involved.

My day could be anything from registering teams, planning for regional or national tournaments, acquiring sponsorship, meeting with coaches, managers and teachers in charge of sport, running lunch time sporting activities, managing a sporting team, planning fundraising, linking in with local sports personnel and bodies, planning involved in hosting a tournament, promoting sport through various forms of media and recognizing student success, briefing students, recognizing success at assemblies, strategic planning, ordering uniforms, junior talent identification, recruiting coaches and managers and believe it or not... so much more! Haha!

That's a crazy workload! What drives you?

Ryan: I had a burning desire to give back to St John's College, having been a former student of the College, it fit my life principle of giving back like a glove.

What's just one aspect of your role that you really love?

Ryan: I love being able to create 'win-win' environments and making peoples lives easier while continuing to add value. So for me, it has definitely been the moments where people are grinning from ear to ear because of something I've implemented or done.

And what are some of the challenges you've faced running such a large sporting scheme and how has Enrolmy helped you bring solutions to your school?

Ryan: A big challenge in Secondary School Sport is when you're waiting on a permission slip that is at the bottom of a students bag, unsigned and with banana all over it. But the ease of being able to send a link for an online registration to a caregiver, and then seeing the registrations flow in... has immensely cut down time spent chasing up students! It allows our staff to better use time to prepare students for their upcoming competitions.

What's one Enrolmy feature that you rate the most and why?

Ryan: Another feature of Enrolmy that we enjoy is the ability for an invoice to be auto generated and sent to parents - saving us so much time on administration!

StJohns College Hamilton Athletics Enrolmy

Hey Ryan, just to finish off, are there any other ways that you've noticed Enrolmy has brought value to your school stakeholders?

Ryan: Staff enjoy being able to quickly view the status of a team and e-mail this group directly from Enrolmy. Whether it be viewing a parents payment status or simply seeing whether they have enough students to begin team entry with an association.

Parents love the ease, simplicity and speed of being able to register their son online.

And while I'm throwing in positives, Enrolmy is also cutting down on our carbon footprint which is important in today's climate.

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