Successfully transition to online learning with ‘Enrolmy Virtual’

By Katie Rickson

When activity providers are winning, we all are. Our kids are physically and mentally stimulated; parents and caregivers get a break safe in the knowledge their kids are being cared for and creatively challenged, and businesses of various sizes flourish.

But when your teaching and core business is normally done in a physical classroom, where kids closely interact with different materials and each other, how can you survive these trying times? And where can you get support so your business can not only continue but thrive during Level Four lockdown and beyond?

Enrolmy is proud to offer a new service which helps activity providers transition to virtual distance learning. It might feel strange, even painful at first, but we’re here to empower you to make the necessary switch from a physical classroom or studio to a virtual learning environment.

Empowering technology

Due to the impact of COVID-19, our learning landscape is rapidly changing. To respond to these new and unforeseen challenges, Enrolmy has been busy developing a service – Enrolmy Virtual - that allows you to continue providing the activities that kids love. Through this new software, you can set-up, market and run virtual classes. If you’re already a provider with us, you will be familiar with some of Enrolmy Virtual’s features, and you’ll benefit from some new ones (including integration with Zoom). Enrolmy Virtual allows you to schedule, organise, start and facilitate your virtual activities, all while making it extremely easy for parents to find activities, book their kids and pay.

The details: How ‘Enrolmy Virtual’ empowers providers

Enrolmy Virtual enables you to make a smooth and quick transition to the virtual classroom.

With Enrolmy Virtual you can:
1) Schedule and promote your virtual activity.
2) Allow parents to find you, book into your programme and pay you on time.
3) Communicate with families – send parents reminders and details of resources or materials they may need for the class, and activity reports.
4) Gain pricing flexibility – With many families facing financial difficulties, providers need to be able to offer flexible pricing. Enrolmy Virtual enables you to choose from a variety of pricing structures to suit your customers, including free, koha, fixed, concession and mixed.
5) Empower your tutors to see all they need to run a successful activity.
6) Use the capabilities of Zoom to run safe, fun and enjoyable classes in living rooms around New Zealand and beyond.

Connect your tutors with families via screen learning

If you’re anything like us, you’re probably already using Zoom a lot. Beyond team meetings and drinks with your friends, Zoom has many capabilities which make online learning not just a possibility, but an interactive and enjoyable experience.

Here are just some of the features of Zoom: Screen sharing videos and resources, gallery view to allow everybody to see each other, or break out rooms for smaller groups; the ability to record the class to assess the wins and challenges, plus the flexibility to offer longer lessons and larger class sizes. Together, this makes Zoom a vital technology for your virtual learning toolkit.

Once parents enrol their kids into your class or activity through Enrolmy Virtual, they will receive a Zoom link where they can access your programme through their phone, laptop or tablet.

Make a positive difference by reaching more kids than ever before

Around the world, families are experiencing cabin fever due to the limits of lockdown. Parents are itching for interactive, creative and fun ways to stimulate their kids’ minds and get their bodies moving.

Virtual learning means you are no longer held back by geography. You can now market yourself New Zealand-wide, and even globally - reaching more kids than ever before.

A new way of learning

This is unchartered territory for most activity providers. Enrolmy is rising to the challenge of making the transition to virtual learning seamless and quick.

The lockdown is enough of a headache already. That’s why you’ll have access to the resources and support you need to make the most of Enrolmy Virtual. Our Customer Success Reps are working safely from home - ready and available to answer any queries you may have.

Want to offer inspiring programmes direct to homes? The next steps

We look forward to getting you ready to offer excellent distance learning with Enrolmy Virtual. If you’re an existing Enrolmy customer call +64 9 887 8310 to get set up or book a Demo so we can discuss your individual needs and the benefits you’ll experience when you transition to virtual learning.




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