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Enrolmy ebook- 5 tips for activity providers to increase bookings

Enrolmy Software have released an extremely user-friendly and FREE mobile application for sports coordinators, coaches and...

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We have had businesses call us looking for information on how to start their own childcare programme. Enrolmy is happy to...

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Keeping children safe is everyone's responsibility. Most people working with children do so in a professional manner, aware of...

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Many before and after school care, holiday programme, schools and activity providers will have a combination of the...

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By Mihi Church On December 20, 2017

The Camp Counselor Checklist.

The Camp Counselor role is so varied, it requires that you're a mentor but also a friend. Or you're an activity instructor and...

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Most parents who have children with food allergies will supply their own food, but this is not always the case. Activity...

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