Good luck teachers, I wish you every success - Peter Marshall

By Peter Marshall

So the teachers are out this week. How does that make parents feel off the back of a stop-work meeting last term. I know the children will be thrilled - a day off! Conversely the teachers maybe not so, as for them it is a day without pay.

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I do love the children’s take on what is going on and I kid you not, this is a true story. After the last stop-work-day, one father told me that he asked his daughter what the teachers were doing at their meetings. "What were they talking about?" “It’s about cabbages Dad.” "What do you mean," he queried. “They are talking about cabbages.” Completely nonplussed, our Dad left the questioning there. A couple of seconds later, the daughter said, “Actually no it’s not about that, it’s about celery.” The Dad roared with laughter. “Ahh I see now, salary.” Out of the mouths of babes.

Information Parents and Principals received:

NZEI Teacher Strike – 15 August 2018

As you will be aware last term NZEI (The Teachers Union) called for teachers and principals to attend union meetings to further contract negotiations with the Ministry of Education. As an outcome of the union meetings, the Ministry presented an offer which NZEI members felt did not address the workload issue, the need for extra learning support, or ways to stem the growing crisis in recruiting and retaining teachers. At the last round of union meetings teachers voted to reject the Ministry’s offer and to hold a strike on 15 August 2018.

Teachers very rarely go on strike, I am old enough to remember the last time in the mid nineties.

Think for a moment what our teachers do. Imagine if one morning, 28 of your friends arrived at your doorstep and dropped off their 7 year old for you to look after for the day. They didn’t all come at the same time either, some arrived at 7.30am as their parents had an early appointment in town, and others not till 9.30, as traffic was bad or they had a late night. Not only did your friends want their children looked after and to be safe, they wanted them educated, motivated, inspired and equipped for the big wide world when they were ready to leave the nest. Also fed and watered, not to mention successfully toileted all day. Sound like a good deal? Something you would be up for day after day, I think not. Good luck teachers, and I wish you every success.



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