Timing is Everything for your Organisation.

By Mihi Church

Schools, before and after school care establishments, holiday programmes, termly classes and lessons (music, sports, dance, drama) clubs, NGO's, community houses, large sporting bodies and their tournaments, all peak and run their programmes during different times of year.

When activity providers approach Enrolmy with the intention of enhancing their organisational processes, we often hear the term, "The timing is right for us." We understand that the 'right' timing for your organisation to undergo change, is different to another provider.

Yet all of you have one season in common. The end of one year and then entering the new.

The approaching new year seems to bring about an urgent sense for change, and then the inner resolve to make it happen. Don't all of us get reflective about our personal lives around this time of year? New years resolutions, reviewing our failures, achievements or the setting of new goals. Many of us start a new diet, commit to a gym membership or promise ourselves to spend less time on screens. But in the childcare industry, is it really sensible to seperate our personal lives from our professional? Many of the providers that approach Enrolmy often share that their personal life is hugely intertwined with their professional. Working long hours into the night, reconciling invoices, collecting enrolment forms or chasing payments.

NewHub's reported findings about how hard Kiwi's are working, claimed that New Zealander's spend on average 43.3 hours of their week, working. That equates down to approximately 8 hours a day. Considering the fact that work takes up about a third of your day, don't you think it's worth spending time reflecting on how to better your professional life as well as your personal? In fact, we have seen childcare providers enhance processes within their businesses, to then experiencing positive change in their personal world. Much of that postive change specifically stems from gaining back time that was largely spent on extra administration.

The timing is right. And time for change in your business is now.

Your customers and your employees are also prepared for change and expectant for something new. They too are experiencing this urgent sense for change. They too are writing their resolutions lists. We want to help make sure that the changes going on in your organisation will also add value back into your personal life, your customers life and your employee's lives.. while also saving you time!

If you resonate with the any of following statements...

  • "I often stay up until 11pm doing administration."
  • "I'm always chasing up payments."
  • "Taking a holiday is out of the question, the work I would come back too would be chaotic!"
  • "I spend hours going back and forth with new enrolments to fill out information that I need."
  • "Updating the information on our website is that last thing on my mind."
  • "Where did I put that form?"
  • "I'm sure Billy's mum mentioned that he has an allergy, I just can't remember what?!"
  • "I don't have enough time in the day."

Then get in touch with us.

We know that in the childcare industry, your professional and personal life is so intertwined. So we want to help save time in your business, adding value back into your personal world! Enrolmy Software automates things like creating enrolment forms, sending invoice reminders and easy integrations with accounting processes. We really nail the online booking process for your parents to find, book and pay for your programmes on offer. Check out our full list of features to see what would benefit you.

Time for change in your business is now.

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