Trending Childrens Activity Providers in 2018!

By Mihi Church

Coding, robotics, electronics and all things virtual!

Does Minecraft ring any bells?

Childrens interest in IT and technology based activities are becoming more and more prominent with the world going digital. The Parenting Team Blog talk about how kids learning to code is a craze moving throughout all areas of the educational sector! From 5 year olds at school involved in robotics classes, to the advanced lessons becoming more and more popular during students last years at school. With parents looking at after school club's to encourage their child's interests and stoke their future IT career; it's apparent that software development classes, lessons and holiday programmes are trending! Three of Enrolmy's newest providers all specialize in introducing technological abilities like coding and robotics to 5 - 18 year olds!

Check out these providers below, what they're about and why kids & parents love them!

Brain Play

They're a New Zealand based company that teaches their own curriculum to supplement and extend knowledge taught in New Zealand schools. Brain Play run centres in Albany, Dairy Flat and Hobsonsville; Auckland. Their interactive and hands on classes stimulate the wild imagination of kids that attend while teaching them lifelong technical skills. Some of their specific courses are below. Submit an online enquiry to undergo a free trial with Brainplay via - They also run in-school sessions (teachers and school staff get in contact to have Brain Play in your school!) and holiday programmes.

Enrolmy Trendy Activities Brainplay


Are another awesome coding and robotics provider on the North Shore in Auckland. Trusted experts in the feild are tutors to students in the programme. Their Minecraft programming attracted huge amounts of interest during their latest holiday programme. Due to this they're extending the Minecraft sessions into their termly programme. One of their awesome values is to engage kids in activities that they’re actually interested in and passionate about. Netkids have found that when they base their lessons around this value - the students are incredibly motivated to problem-solve, debug, and learn. Book a free trial with the amazing Netkids team here.

Netkids Enrolmy Activities Holiday Programmes


TechLeap run weekly lessons at different hubs throughout the Waikato Region in New Zealand. All their sessions support the Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math (STEAM) framework. TechLeap's electronics workshop teaches kids how to control sensors, motors and LED displays with code. They also provide students with their own electronics kit and kids create their own robot! Their virtual and augmented reality sessions take kids into their own 3D environment where they build 3D objects and use code to animate characters and VR gaming experiences. The STEAM club also explore the InterWeb; where they look at how to code web apps, websites and chat bots! Check out where you can book one of their awesome activities here!


More & more kids are getting involved in programming, robotics and coding. Teacher; Matt Purcell, encourages parents to book their kids into activities like the above, "Many people think that learning to code is just learning how to write programming syntax, but it's much more. This skill is vital not just to the creation of websites and apps, but to industries like farming, where algorithms are used to decide where and when to plant crops; and finance, where markets follow rules that can be comprehended using procedural analysis.It can be applied in far more fields than simply computer programming." (Why Kiwi Kids Should Learn to Code)

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